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The Gala Coral and NetEnt Marriage

Most of the gaming enthusiasts – even some of those who are relatively new to online gaming and gambling – would know the stature that Gala Coral and NetEnt possess in the online gaming business and user communities.

Gala Coral and NetEntThese two online gaming bigwigs have decided to join hands in an effort to create better than ever gaming atmosphere for millions of their regular users.

More about Gala Coral

Founded over two decades ago, Gala Coral is one of the top online and offline casino enterprises in the UK. With over 30 casinos at their disposal and over 5 fully dedicated gaming websites that attract over 4 million people every month in total, Gala Coral forms a varied body of casino ventures. Based on gross annual revenues, Gala Coral is the third largest casino enterprise in the UK, and seventh largest in Europe. Their annual turnovers, cumulatively across all of their sister enterprises and wholly owned subsidiaries, are estimated to be north of £1.2 billion.

More about NetEnt

NetEnt is a leading provider and designer of fully functional online gaming platforms. Offered as B2B services, NetEnt games and their gaming platforms are used by over 90 top online casino companies. Currently, NetEnt owns their own gaming website, along with supplying state-of-the-art games to other companies.

What this partnership means for users

Quite expectedly, a partnership between two of the leading online gaming companies has created a buzz in the online gaming community. All of NetEnt’s popular games will be available to the users of Casino’s Galabingo, Galacasino and Coral websites. Enrico Bradamante, a senior executive at NetEnt, expressed his pleasure over the partnership deal and expected a wider exposure for NetEnt’s games to the Gala Coral user community.