Poker has become insanely popular in the last ten years or so, so there are some great (and also some not-so-great) Poker books being released every year. Before you decide that it’s not worth the trouble to find out which is which, we’ve compiled a list of quality books, some new, some Poker classics, to give you a solid foundation to work from.

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1.       Dan Harrington, Harrington On Hold’em 1 &2

Harrington is a poker celebrity, and his books are no less famous in the Poker world. Volumes 1 and 2 will take you through playing in poker tournaments from the early stages all the way to the finish. It’s been proclaimed by many readers as the ultimate guide to tournament Poker. If you ever considered tournament play, this book is for you.

 2.      David Sklansky, The Theory of Poker.

Sklansky provides a poker theory book like no other. Instead of having you memorise strategy verbatim, he takes the refreshingly honest approach of teaching you to think for yourself, to think on your feet as you would have to do in a real Poker situation. He teaches you that everything varies from game to game, and the key is to consider all the variables, and adapt what you know to what you need.

3.      Barry GreensteinAce on the River.

This one is an absolute must-read. Greenstein does not flood you with ‘pointers for beginners’, or try to make beginners into pros. Instead, he shares honest, real-life, poker online experiences., and chronicles his rise to the professional Poker circuit. He looks at the setbacks that face aspiring players, and how these can be an advantage. It is an unusually honest look at the downside of the professional poker life.

 4.      Doyle Brunson, Super System: A Course in Power Poker

This one goes back all the way to 1979, but don’t let that put you off! Brunson is a Poker legend, and there is no book more legendary in the Poker sphere. Inevitably, some sections of this book are out-dated. However, Brunson’s playing style is the foundation for many players playing today, and his No-Limit cash games are still completely relevant.
5.      Mike Caro, Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

Lists of tells are always getting updated, but this is definitely the place to start. Caro reveals his secrets to reading opponents – and when you consider the fact that this skill made him extremely wealthy, you’ll agree it’s a thing worth knowing! Learn how to judge body language and betting flair. Recognise poker speaking tells – and learn when it is best to call and when to hold back.