Here at Wonder of reading, we hope to introduce you to the helpful, fascinating and fun world of casino gambling books.

Sometimes, when faced with a best online casino real money game you don’t know too well, or when you want to make that extra push from an intermediate player to advanced, all you need to do is read some really great game books or visit sites like Onlinepokiessite and for more information!

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It can be the second best thing to getting actual one-on-one pointers from the experts themselves, and since most of us probably don’t hang out with casino circuit superstars on a daily basis, we can still read their books! It will also help you get into the head of the pro player, and learn a bit about pro lifestyle, in case you want to try to out yourself.

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Some casino games rely more on chance and luck that strategy, but it still (literally!) pays to know the optimal playing strategy. Whether you’re a beginner looking for basics or an advanced player looking to improve play and discover new strategies, you haven’t considered yet, books will give you an invaluable advantage.

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Luckily, there are lots of games books out there! General books, game-specific ones and player biographies can all be very handy sources of information. And if you don’t have time to wade through endless tomes, casinos also offer their own brief but comprehensive guides to game strategy, history and basics.

Another handy source you may not have considered is casino blogs, like, which also offer quick game guides.  Many online australian casinos and top publishers offer these resources in the form of ebooks – click here to download them for free straight from Barnes and Noble.

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