Baccarat is a game of chance, so any real strategy is impossible. It’s also the casino game with the lowest overall house edge (at approximately 1%). And yet most baccarat players will tell you that they have a strategy to help increase their chances, and that a good strategy and betting system is invaluable to win. The search for the perfect strategy continues but, meanwhile, it might be very useful to read through the many possible systems which already exist.

  1. Henry Tamburin, Winning Baccarat Strategies

Tamburin is known for his useful (and best-selling) books on various casino games. This short book can get a little heavy on technicalities for beginners, but if you’re a more advanced player, or if you’re reading it in tandem with more basic books, it is definitely worth a read. Tamburin skips over the basics and looks at the techniques of card-counting, the mathematical aspects of baccarat, baccarat strategies and systems.

  1. Ed Rhea, How to Actually Win At All Baccarat Tables

At 91 pages, this is a pretty short book, but this isn’t a bad thing!  Rhea considers negative progression strategies which can be useful for winning baccarat. The idea is that you pick the strategy that suits you best.

  1. Johnny McFarlinHow To Win At Baccarat

This is a good go-to book to help you polish up your baccarat skills and improve your chances of winning. It looks at different strategies and system variations of the game. Discover baccarat secrets and pick up a few handy tips!

  1. Frank ScobleteThe Baccarat Battle Book

Scoblete illuminates the complexities of baccarat in an easy-to-understand guide. It’s a beginners’ guide, and so won’t be of much use to more advanced players. Get an in-depth look at card counting systems, ways to reduce house wins and casino commission on Bank bets by one per cent. Scoblete also looks at advantage play methods, and odds. Scoblete is widely known as much more than gambling writer – he’s an entertainer, and you can tell!

  1. Lyle StuartLyle Stuart On Baccarat

Lyle Stuart is an expert on baccarat, and gambling in general. This is a new edition of what some players feel is his magnum opus, full of updated information on the game itself (limits, odds, rules and strategy), casinos (such as the latest gambling boom) and new score cards. He also updates his anecdotes, so you get a unique look from a pro’s perspective!

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Wonder of reading provides you with five great books you’ll need to read before you get started in Baccarat, or if you wish to polish up existing skills!