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Anthropological Study: Connection Between Slots and Problem Gambling

When we talk about gambling addiction, it’s a touchy subject for some. We hear about people blowing millions on absurd high-stakes poker games that they can’t help but bet on. We hear about people playing the lottery in hopes they win big, only to find they’ve spent a fortune on useless pieces of paper after the numbers have been drawn. But perhaps the largest source of problem gambling is Fixed Odd Betting Terminals and Slot Machines.

RouletteSlots are a compelling game that gamblers of all ages are able to access. They’re games that are built into kids’ toys of various types, they’re user friendly games that you don’t need to learn how to play, and they’re a source of escape from the rest of the world for many who choose to use them. As one anthropologist pointed out in a recent study on the connection between problem gambling and slot machines, slots are very indicative of the human desire to put the problems of the world aside. One of the subjects studied is quoted as saying it’s like being in the eye of a hurricane, with the calm around you and the rest of the world flying about outside your immediate parameters.

Slot machines have long since been the adult arcade game of casinos. They provide a safe zone to focus your anxieties and troubles, and they provide the fun whimsical bells and whistles of a video game when you win. But the danger comes when we remember they also readily allow and encourage their players to bet beyond their means, with “just one more spin” that turns into two, three, four, and more.

When a compulsive gambler whose game of choice is slots sits down for just one spin, it’s the same as an alcoholic having just a sip of beer. It’s going to set them off on a binge that they might not come out of for hours or longer. And it’s this nature of slots that makes them so dangerous to those inclined to become addicts.