No Thrills September Bonanza Continues

Themed bonuses are often the best of all – let’s just establish that as a fact from the offset. Schemes which are centred upon a certain season, holiday or occasion can often be the most rewarding, enjoyable and memorable.

Thrills CasinoThrills Casino is no stranger to this dynamic, offering an ongoing list of brilliant and forward thinking bonuses to reward their patrons with. In the eyes of the chiefs of the casino, the commencement of the month of September is just as good a reason to host a celebration as any. At least, that’s what could be determined when taking into account Thrills Casinos latest bonus announcement.

Throughout the entire month of September, there will be a whole range of little gems to uncover at Thrills, which is why many are flocking to the site now and becoming members. On the second day of the month, a minimum deposit of £30 would have netted you twenty free spins on the sites coveted slot: NRVNA. The ensuing Friday (4th) was packed with free spins galore and an awesome little reload bonus; with all players awarded free spins on either NRVNA or, in the case of the more devoted club members – Super Spins on the highly lucrative Piggy Riches.

The next day (Saturday 5th) the majority of the sites increasing number of players were gifted a 100% bonus up to the value of £10 and on the Sunday an already outstanding weekend of play was rounded out by the infamous Bonus-O-Meter. That’s right, for the entire day of the 6th, all single bonus rounds played on the site counted as two!

Do you see how much you’ve missed out on!? Surely it’s time to get involved.

The Gala Coral and NetEnt Marriage

Most of the gaming enthusiasts – even some of those who are relatively new to online gaming and gambling – would know the stature that Gala Coral and NetEnt possess in the online gaming business and user communities.

Gala Coral and NetEntThese two online gaming bigwigs have decided to join hands in an effort to create better than ever gaming atmosphere for millions of their regular users.

More about Gala Coral

Founded over two decades ago, Gala Coral is one of the top online and offline casino enterprises in the UK. With over 30 casinos at their disposal and over 5 fully dedicated gaming websites that attract over 4 million people every month in total, Gala Coral forms a varied body of casino ventures. Based on gross annual revenues, Gala Coral is the third largest casino enterprise in the UK, and seventh largest in Europe. Their annual turnovers, cumulatively across all of their sister enterprises and wholly owned subsidiaries, are estimated to be north of £1.2 billion.

More about NetEnt

NetEnt is a leading provider and designer of fully functional online gaming platforms. Offered as B2B services, NetEnt games and their gaming platforms are used by over 90 top online casino companies. Currently, NetEnt owns their own gaming website, along with supplying state-of-the-art games to other companies.

What this partnership means for users

Quite expectedly, a partnership between two of the leading online gaming companies has created a buzz in the online gaming community. All of NetEnt’s popular games will be available to the users of Casino’s Galabingo, Galacasino and Coral websites. Enrico Bradamante, a senior executive at NetEnt, expressed his pleasure over the partnership deal and expected a wider exposure for NetEnt’s games to the Gala Coral user community.

Strong Financial Results Published By Betfair

Betfair, online gambling firm, recently made an announcement that it had managed to significantly upscale its profits and revenues during the last fiscal year (21 percent). The total earnings amounted to GBP 476.5 million.

BetfairThe EBITDA of the company in the fiscal year amounted to GBP 120.2 million. This showed a major 53 percent jump from the previous year figure (for the same time period). But the sum does not take into consideration the latest UK online tax on gambling.

Betfair performance

The fundamental open cash flow of the company has also increased by 47 percent. This indicates GBP 103.8 million. The active customers served by the company during this time period also increased by 52 percent. This means a total .7 million players were registered with the company.

Betfair also reported success of its latest marketing investment plan resulting in greater customer acquisition. After this performance, the board of the company has asked for a 70 percent increase in dividends to be paid to the company shareholders for this particular period. This will mean payment of 34 pence/share.

Betfair recovers well after initial losses

A few years back, Betfair ceased all its operations associated with unsupervised online gambling. At that time, the business faced severe criticism by those who believed that this decision would be highly unfavourable for the firm.

There is no doubt that in the beginning, this move led to instant losses for the company-25% fall in revenue and major decline in share value. But, if you look back now, the decision actually appears to be a sensible one. One can see that the firm is back in the game and is stronger than ever before.

According to Breon Corcoran, Betfair CEO, the financial year 2015 has been great for Betfair. The strategy is being successfully executed and the company is achieving profitable balance in the sustainable markets.

Best Mobile Casinos in the World

There are few issues as hotly debated within the world of modern gambling as that of which mobile casinos offer the very best services to their patrons. With the ability to switch between as frivolously as, or in some cases even more frivolously than is able with land based casinos, there is no question that mobile casinos must do more in the way of client incentives. This can be tricky of course, as not all players seek the very same thing from their provider – and this often shows in what certain casinos offer in the way of promotions and the like.

Some mobile casinos are doing some very interesting things at the moment, and it is showing in their popularity. Let us continue our countdown of the very best mobile casinos on offer in the world right now:

Guts Casino

Guts-Casino-Fast-PayoutsDespite its rather questionable name, Guts Mobile Casino actually strives to offer clients a little something more than the vast majority of its market share competitors. Not that recently launched, the site is already doing extremely well in the old customer retention racket – and that is no doubt thanks to its pretty outstanding welcoming bonus package. Offering £300 in deposit match bonuses and in excess of 100 free spins, how can you really argue?

Lucky Admiral Casino

Everybody loves a good old themed casino, none more so than me. So if that’s what you are after I implore that you check out Lucky Admiral Mobile Casino, particularly if you think that you’re likely to be fond of a seafaring theme which captures the mind and imagination fully!

UKGC Requires Casinos to Promote Social Responsibility

Many British gaming sites have taken steps to keep young players away and encourage problem players to seek help. But this year, this responsibility is going to become part of the law.

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission plans to start requiring that online casino sites display information about their social responsibility policies as part of the requirements to receive a license.

UKGCTo the non-gambler, the gaming industry seems like it’s by nature the polar opposite of a socially responsible institution.

After all, people who claim to be morally pure regularly point to the alleged evils of gambling, and lump the legal activity with other vices such as sex, violence and probably rock n’ roll.

However, not everyone knows that the casino industry actually has been excellent at encouraging responsible and legal gambling. Legitimate casino owners often are proud to announce that they offer a variety of resources to assist problem gamblers, donate to community charities and make sure that players are of legal age.

For instance, PokerStars already offers an age verification system to make sure players are at least 18 years old. It includes a variety of tips to encourage parents to be careful about allowing their children to access their computer when it’s connected to a casino site, such as setting passwords.

It also offers tips to make sure your online gambling doesn’t control your life, or suggestions to break away or cut down if you think you’re gambling too much.

The Gambling Commission’s Responsible Gaming rules will be similar to what some casinos are already doing, but make it clear that the commission still has concerns about people who can set up anonymous accounts.

Along with online casino providers, the upcoming regulations will also apply to online gambling service providers and software companies related to online gaming.

William Hill Cancels Lincoln Handicap Sponsorship

Famed English bookmaker William Hill has canceled its sponsorship with local horse race track Lincoln Handicap. The sponsorship was canceled after a seemingly smooth nine year relationship.

race trackAccording to the company, the end of the sponsorship had more to do with new laws in the UK requiring offshore gambling operations to pay taxes than any problems with the Lincoln Handicap relationship. With increased scrutiny and less cash, William Hill decided it best to cut the sponsorship. The Gambling Tax Reform implemented in December 2014 will have a large impact on the finances of all bookmakers in the UK.

On balance, the company surveyed its marketing investments and found that the Lincoln Handicap was less effective than other campaigns. This assessment bodes ill for sponsorship with other horse race tracks or the state of horse racing in general.

Will horse racing bounce back? Lincoln Handicap has existed in different forms since its first race in 1849. It has been at its current location in Doncaster since 1964.

With new law, many smaller online gambling operations in the UK believe that it will be harder to maintain profitability. If those smaller online books can’t stay open, their customers will be driven to different places to gamble.

Will those customers go to bigger online gambling shops such as William Hill? Or will they go to the race tracks to give them a needed boost.

Overall, sponsorship cancellation will have an impact on Lincoln Handicap’s financial performance. The action comes as an indirect, yet powerful effect of the new regulation for offshore gambling firms. It is likely that these effects will continue to resonate in the gambling community throughout the year as companies adjust to the new financial picture.

Three Tips for Staying Focused During Blackjack

Playing blackjack all night can be a very enjoyable experience, but it is also very tiring. Being attentive and focused throughout the session is very important, especially if you want to avoid losing a lot of money. Here are three tips that will help you stay focused and healthy for marathon blackjack sessions.

1. Cut Down on Alcohol and Caffeine

cards_Having a couple of beers to start the evening, or a couple cups of coffee late in the session, is perfectly acceptable. However, do not expect to have a fruitful blackjack session if you are binge drinking or taking shots of coffee every hour.

Too much alcohol will limit your focus, especially if you are trying to implement a card counting system. A little bit of coffee will help you stay awake, but too much will make you nervous, agitated and jittery. This leads to careless play and mistake

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

If you are serious about having marathon blackjack sessions, it is important to manage your sleep. Many players like to play blackjack all night. If that is the case, you should be getting at least seven hours of sleep during the daytime.

Trying to combine a lot of late night blackjack with regular day jobs or obligations is incredibly tricky. Not only are you damaging your health by staying up all day and night, but you will struggle to focus during the blackjack session.

3. Take Sufficient Breaks

Taking breaks is very important, even if you are indulging in a marathon blackjack session. The best thing to do is take a 15 or 20 minute break every couple of hours. Not only will this allow you to walk around and stretch your body, but it also helps recharge the mind.

It’s Compliance Tester NMI Once Again for Bookmaker William Hill

UK-based bookmaker William Hill has further strengthened its relationship with NMi, a company it has had a long-standing association with. It is getting his complete suite of web-based casino games tested to comply with the directives of the new Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act that have come into effect in the UK from the November 1, 2014. As per this law, all operators who deal with customers in the country have to get tested and comply with the new standards within 12 months from the date of the new law being enforced.

William HillNMi is one of the top compliance testing companies in the UK, with years of experience in testing online casino games for compliance with UK laws and rules.

New UK licensing laws set to transform the iGaming industry

According to the new law, all operators, like William Hill, who deal with customers within the country, irrespective of whether they are physically based out of UK or not, have to now pay taxes to the national government. The taxes have been fixed at 15 percent of gross profits. Until now, operators used to shift base outside the country to avoid paying taxes for their business. However, no matter where they are located physically, they have to part with a portion of their profits if they have customers who are based out of UK.

Operators and RGA unhappy with new laws

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) contends that 15 percent taxes on gross profits is unsustainable and will affect the industry in the long run. They argue that taxes of anything over 10 percent of profits are not viable. This new law means that operators will now have to rethink their budgets and strategies since this new development will increase their operating costs significantly. Bookmakers will have to now grow their businesses in foreign markets to counter this increase in costs.

Anthropological Study: Connection Between Slots and Problem Gambling

When we talk about gambling addiction, it’s a touchy subject for some. We hear about people blowing millions on absurd high-stakes poker games that they can’t help but bet on. We hear about people playing the lottery in hopes they win big, only to find they’ve spent a fortune on useless pieces of paper after the numbers have been drawn. But perhaps the largest source of problem gambling is Fixed Odd Betting Terminals and Slot Machines.

RouletteSlots are a compelling game that gamblers of all ages are able to access. They’re games that are built into kids’ toys of various types, they’re user friendly games that you don’t need to learn how to play, and they’re a source of escape from the rest of the world for many who choose to use them. As one anthropologist pointed out in a recent study on the connection between problem gambling and slot machines, slots are very indicative of the human desire to put the problems of the world aside. One of the subjects studied is quoted as saying it’s like being in the eye of a hurricane, with the calm around you and the rest of the world flying about outside your immediate parameters.

Slot machines have long since been the adult arcade game of casinos. They provide a safe zone to focus your anxieties and troubles, and they provide the fun whimsical bells and whistles of a video game when you win. But the danger comes when we remember they also readily allow and encourage their players to bet beyond their means, with “just one more spin” that turns into two, three, four, and more.

When a compulsive gambler whose game of choice is slots sits down for just one spin, it’s the same as an alcoholic having just a sip of beer. It’s going to set them off on a binge that they might not come out of for hours or longer. And it’s this nature of slots that makes them so dangerous to those inclined to become addicts.

Online Blackjack Strategy & Tips

When it comes time to throw down our hard-earned cash in an online casino, we like to feel like winners, right? In games of chance, like roulette or slots, you really don’t have too much control over your destiny. You lay your money down, pull the lever or throw the ball, and wait. Hopefully you’ll overcome the odds to become a winner. Other games allow you to have a little more control of the process, and one of the most popular ones is blackjack. Let’s take a look at some common blackjack strategies and tips that can lead you to victory the next time you decide to try your luck!

Online BlackjackBlackjack at face value is an exceedingly simple game. A multitude of players face off with a pair of cards in front of them. One card remains face-down while the other one is revealed. Whoever comes closest to 21 without going over wins. The wrinkle in the game comes when players decide whether to hit, add another card to their total, or to stand. It is here that gamblers regain a bit of control over the situation. So let’s take a look at three quick ways to regain the competitive advantage while staring down that digital dealer!

  1. Doubling Down

If you find that your hand is particularly enticing, you can double your bet. Doing this doubles the amount of your bet while providing you with one additional card. This is a great strategy if you believe in the cards in front of you.

  1. Splitting the Bet

Now you have two of the same numbered card in front of you. This could be two 5s or even two Kings. On a split, you will separate these cards into two hands. Your bet will double and so will your odds of winning at least one of these hands. If you find yourself in a position where splitting is an option, make sure to give it a shot.

  1. The Rule of 17

In blackjack, you are not just competing against yourself because you are also playing against the dealer. It is the dealer’s job to get the best hand possible while enticing you to mess up your own. So with this in mind, you should desire to understand their motives. A dealer will always hit until their number reaches or eclipses 17. Keep that in your head as you decide your own moves.

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